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Energy Management Systems (EMS)
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Internet of Things (IoT)
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Mechanical & Electrical IoT
HVAC illustration

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Let's Explore...
IoT Solution Design

We take your unique operational requirements, and build a bespoke solution for you, ensuring maximum impact and RoI. For example, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) is by far one of the biggest energy consumers within an operation, such as retail, or offices spaces. See how we can help through clever use of the below.

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Automatically reduce consumption if no-one's around by shutting off lighting etc.

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Equipment Monitoring

Know exactly how any piece of equipment is performing at any time.

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Regain control of temperature - you can't change what you can't measure.

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IoT Controls

Connect everything, increasing efficiency and decreasing headaches.


We're proud to say we're regulated, certified and accredited by the below organisations.

Energy Management

Energy management is the use of technology to improve the energy performance of an organisation. We've broken this field down into the below industries.

facilities management - sports hall
Facilities Management

Future proof your FM company...

retail thumbnail of supermarket shelves

A greener future for retail...

manufacturing motor thumbnail

Real-time data for making informed decisions...

commercial energy saving - board of directors

Identifying and reducing 'invisible' energy waste...

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This technology is powerful and progressive...

Emerging Technologies

Innovation is in our name and nature...

The Brothers and the Bee

Buzzing with energy and passionate about their work, these fast-talking guys will efficiently move your business to the next energy level.

mark parker in smart clothes

John Parker

Brother #1

An accredited IET member, John has over 20 years of facilities management experience working with blue chip organisations.

john parker in smart clothes

Mark Parker

Brother #2

Mark is skilled at leading large change programmes from conception to completion and specialises in Change delivery.

binary bee the iot bee animated

Binary Bee


Binary the IoT Bee perfectly represents our company's mindset and values. He's an efficient worker and not afraid to stand out.

Introducing Eniscope

The most complete energy monitoring & management system in the world. Are you ready to take complete control of your energy usage?


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